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Accreditation Committee

Facilitators: Nunana Nyomi and Kevin Simpson

The Accreditation Committee of the ISADTF is committed to an accreditation process that is transparent and free from fear where individuals will participate authentically and schools will grow in their ability to identify opportunities to be more inclusive and equitable.

We envisage a future where accreditation is an integral part of eliminating discrimination in the international school ecosystem.

Our goal is to make recommendations to all accrediting agencies in order to use their power to help make and sustain necessary strategies for inclusive international schools.

Our Commitments


Accreditation agencies to provide guidance and training for schools to make the process more inclusive

a. Objective: Help school communities make a commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging through an inclusive and aspirational accreditation process


Build Diversity and Capacity of Accreditation Staff and Volunteers to assess DEIJB

a. Objective: Diversify the pool of accreditation team evaluators and strengthen their ability to assess DEIJB practices


Accreditation agencies to strengthen DEIJB expectations within accreditation standards for school communities

a. Objective: Every accreditation agency has clearly defined anti-discrimination standards which school communities can commit/aspire to achieve

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