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Governance Committee

Facilitators: Timothy (Tim) Veale, Yasmine Sadri and Nayoung (김나영) Weaver 

The Governance committee of the ISADTF is committed to render power depositories, such as boards in international schools, more effective by increasing accountability, transparency and awareness.

Knowing that the board can empower communities and influence school culture, the governance committee will focus on showing how to amplify all shareholder voices, centering belonging, integrity, trust and honesty. Through our understanding of board practices, we can make recommendations to accrediting agencies that exert influence on best practice regarding DEIJ frameworks for schools.

Our goal is to help all international school boards use their power to help make and sustain necessary strategies for inclusive international schools.

Our Commitments


Recommend a DEIJ expert/lead to sit on the Board as a permanent member with power .


Remove Strategy/Strategic Planning as a key role of the Board- Instead move it towards community voice/action/process.


Rewrite mission, vision, strategy where DEIJ values are centered and embedded in all guiding statements and school action.


Recommend Board's to be "guardians" of DEIJ


General recommendations to:
a. diversify Boards
b. require DEIJ training of Board members

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