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Human Resources Committee

Facilitators: Justin Garcia and Claire Michele Rice

Recruitment Committee strive’s to assist international schools in creating equitable hiring practices and developing systems to support, retain, and promote staff from historically marginalized identities and backgrounds by ensuring a diverse representation of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, and disability amongst all staff; that everyone in the community understands and values the importance of having diversity within the institution; and that there are no barriers for anyone wanting to apply for any position.

Our Commitments


To provide guidance to schools for creating equitable and inclusive practices in their human resource life cycle, including hiring, onboarding, retention and professional growth of all staff members from the school community.


To work with schools on the development of anti-discrimination modules to support onboarding for incoming staff, students and their families.


To provide recommendations to schools regarding equitable and inclusive hiring practices that proactively ensure accessibility to job postings and the recruitment of a diverse pool of applicants that reflect the global majority and marginalized communities.


To examine processes for the compensation and benefits of both teaching and non-teaching staff and provide guidance on opportunities for more equitable compensation and benefits among all staff.


To support schools in developing affinity group spaces for students, staff and community members.

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