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Acknowledgement Statement

Gratitude to Joel Jr LLABAN (siya/he/him) M Ed,  ISS Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice for creating this statement.

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable contributions of individuals from diverse intersectional identities, recognizing their outstanding excellence, tireless commitment, unwavering dedication, and inspiring collaboration and action within our community. This recognition extends to our allies and co-conspirators who have been essential in championing the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Highlighting the contributions and leadership of individuals from diverse intersectional identities is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it recognizes the unique talents, skills, and experiences they bring to the table, enriching our collective knowledge and perspectives. It is through the diversity of thought and experiences that we are able to foster innovation and inclusive actions and outcomes.

Secondly, acknowledging their contributions underscores the importance of equity and justice within our community and beyond. Individuals from more intersectional identities have historically faced systemic barriers and inequalities that have often hindered their opportunities to thrive. By highlighting their excellence and contributions, we not only celebrate their achievements but also challenge the persistent biases and prejudices that persist in our society.

Furthermore, this acknowledgement statement promotes collaboration and solidarity among all members of our community, including our allies and co-conspirators. By celebrating this coalition building, we foster an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives, strengthening our collective progress.

This is a testament to our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It serves as a reminder that excellence knows no boundaries, and by embracing the richness of our differences, we create stronger, more vibrant, and equitable communities of learning.