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Student Agency

Facilitators: Katrina Daniels-Samasa, Yasmine Sadri and Gilbert Ekotto.

The Student Agency Committee aims to cultivate among students the initiative, drive, responsibility, accountability, respect, self-value, entrepreneurship while exercising their rights and freedoms.

These competences need to be developed in individuals and groups through education in order to work against discrimination at the level of human motivation. The sub-committee’s focus is on student and faculty agency and how school culture and training programmes can reinforce it.

Our Commitments


Create a weekly/bi-weekly student voice opportunity that is strategic and intentional.


Build community and relational capacity in order to easier facilitate difficult conversations later. Use PD time for Cynthia’s activity.


Commit to a system of reporting harm and allow students to assist in the development of that system.


Backward Design a DEI implementation plan for their school context.

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